miércoles, mayo 18, 2011


There are some cases where we need to add some actions when a transaction is called or any action in SAP is done.

This is almost the BADI definition but in the major of the cases we are not able to know which BADI to change in order to have our customized behaviour for a determined action.

Well, following the following steps we will be able to identify the BADI that we will need to change:

Step 1: SE37 display Function Module - SXV_GET_CLIF_BY_NAME.
Step 2: Set a BREAKPOINT on call function SXV_ADD_PREFIX .
Step 3:In another SESSION run the desired transaction, parameter 'name' gives the BADI; parameter 'clif ' gives implementation, e.g. for TCode MIGO name = MB_MIGO_BADI, clif = CL_EX_MB_MIGO_BADI.

Let me know if this helps.

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